This kit can be used for T/B lymphocyte clonality detection.
Detection Principle: one fluorescent primer and one regular primer are designed from the conserved nucleotide sequences of V, R, J and C coding region in TCR (T cell antigen receptor) and BCR (B cell antigen receptor). The test sample DNA is used as a template. The target DNA fragments are amplified. The products are analyzed by capillary electrophoresis method using ABI Gene Sequencers. The maps of TCR/BCR gene rearrangement are constructed. Within the effective size range: polyclonal lymphocyte proliferation shows a typical multi-peak normal distribution, whereas monoclonal lymphocyte proliferation shows a single, isolated peak shape.
Product Features:
1. High sensitivity, fast reporting time, intuitive results, easy to read
2. Sample sources include paraffin-embedded tissue, peripheral blood, bone marrow, etc.
1. Analysis of the maps of T/B lymphocyte gene rearrangement associated with humoral and cellular immunity
2. Assistant diagnosis of a variety of immune diseases and autoimmune diseases for effective monitoring of treatment process
3. During T-cell immunotherapy treatment, screening confirmation of specific Immune Cell Clone.