TargetPlex FFPE-Direct NGS 21-Gene Cancer Hotspot Panel – Primer Pool – YST0152 was designed to target 21 oncogene or tumor suppressor genes with a total of 205 amplicons in a single primer pool (5x). The primers are designed with the innovative TargetPlex noise-canceling technology to enhance sequencing efficiency improve detection sensitivity down to 1% allelic frequency.  This product contains only the TargetPlex primer pool and requires the TargetPlex Library Prep Kit catalog # YST0067 (Illumina compatible) or the catalog # YST0068 (Ion Torrent compatible) kits to complete the library.

Gene list: ()=number of amplicons

AKT1 (1), ALK (7), BRAF (24), CTNNB1 (28), DDR2 (1), EGFR (17), ERBB2 (2), GNA11 (3), GNAQ (4), KIT (6), KRAS (20), MAP2K1 (11), NOTCH1 (2), NRAS (19), PIK3CA (16), PTEN (10), RET (2), ROS1 (3), SF3B1 (7), SMAD4 (8), TP53 (14).


TargetPlex FFPE-Direct DNA Library Prep Kit for Illumina NGS – YST0067

TargetPlex FFPE-Direct DNA Library Prep Kit for Ion Torrent NGS – YST0068





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