16S Metagenomics NGS Primer Pool for Illumina – YST0124 is used to amplify hypervariable V2 and V3 regions of the 16S rDNA gene in bacteria for accurate detection and identification of a broad range of bacteria down to the genus or species level. The primer sequences not only contain the V3 and V4 region but also contain overhang adapter sequences that are appended to the primer pair sequences for compatibility with Illumina index and sequencing adapters. The V3 andV4 region amplicon size is approximately ~460 bp. 

Requires 16S Metagenomics-Direct NGS DNA Library Kit for Illumina – cat # YST0123.  https://sensecarebio.com/shop/16s-metagenomics-direct-library-kit-for-illumina-two-step-pcr-method/



Applications: 16S Metagenomics NGS for Illumina platforms.